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Relevant Super-Resolution Work History 
Identifyn™ Super Resolution Center Sarasota Florida

Dr. Brian T. Bennett, Cheif Scientific Officer, Identifyn™ Biotechnologies

Super Resolution Imaging Center, Sarasota Florida 

2023 - Current

Brian T Bennett University of Utah

Dr. Brian T. Bennett, Assistant Research Professor, Interdisciplinary Neuroscience and Biology 

Developed and commercialized Biplane Super Resolution Microscope, SR200.  Founded Scintalla/Vutara, with the University of Utah Kick Starter and the Park City Angels, became Vutara, acquired by Bruker. 


Lake Placid Biologicals Brian T Bennett
Active Motif.png

Dr. Brian T. Bennett, Chief Scientific Officer - Imaging, 

Development of high-resolution and super-resolution imaging solutions and quantification solutions for pharmaceutical partners, governmental partners, and academia.  Development of fluorescent protein conjugate and supporting reagent development, antibody validation, and protein purification.

The company sold to Active Motif 


Dr. Brian T. Bennett, a Dedicated USA-Based Research Scientist in Charge of Super-Resolution Microscopy 

4Pi and STED Super-Resolution Microscopy, biological application, fluorophore, and general reagent development.  Studies included Nuclear Pore Complexes (NPC) and transport, afflicted human neurobiology, DNA damage and repair, mitochondrial DNA repair, and cytoskeleton development (acton/tubulin transport).  Began development of STED-specific ATTO 655-conjugated antibodies.  Novel methods for localization of nuclear proteins via whole cell, 3-dimensional confocal microscopy using a "shell erosion" technique in quantitative analysis of nuclear protein distribution.   

I began working for Leica while still a student and was afforded by the then CEO, Will Rogers, an opportunity to prove myself as a scientist, and for this, I am extremely thankful to Leica USA and the great people of Leica Germany. I was blessed to work with you over the years. 


Optical Imaging Techniques in Cell Biology, Second Edition

Contract Work - Super-Resolution
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Imaging DNA Repair Proteins


Super-Resolution & Grant Support


Super-Resolution Thick Samples


DyLight Fluorescent Probe Validation & Fluorescent Kit Dev. (for Pierce before aquistion by ThermoFisher) 

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