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Work History

Dr Brian T. Bennett

Dr Brian T. Bennett PLLC.  Contract science, clinical research and patient care.  Working with many multidisciplinary projects for which my skill set is uniquely applied since 2015.  


1.) Drug Testing Program Management - Clinical, Reference Labs, Treatment Centers and Legal (Drug Courts).  Laboratory Director.  Current 2018 -

Current Publications in Process:

The use of Super-Resolution algorithms in Three - Dimensional Printing in Creating Nano-Scale Preoperative Models.  Bennett et al.(submitted)

Cleft and Craniofacial Center Utah

Salt Lake City Utah

Founder 2018 -

Plastic Surgery Center of Utah

Salt Lake City utah

Clinical Director 2018

Velin Skate & Snow

Northborough, MA USA

Founded, Owner, Velin skate & Snow 2014

Founded company and built out a 5,000 square foot fully functioning factory.  This project was intended to look at the material sciences and physics of Longboards, Skateboards, and Snowboards.  The entirety of the project, encompassing new materials and applications as well as the emerging field  of  3-D Printing helped to increase the performance and cost of product manufacturing.  The company was sold as a running factory, with IP 6 months after launch, and the IP distributed to major companies throughout the industry.

Interestingly it was the 3-D algorithms employed in my microscopy patents that lead to many advances.  This was a truly fun project and I appreciate those that supported my unconventional vision. 

Till Photonics, an FEI Company

Munich, Germany

Director of Scientific Business Development for Microscopy 2010-2010


Article Link 

Vutara, Inc., - Formally Scintalla, Inc., - Now a BRUKER Company

Salt Lake City, USA

Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder 2010-2011 

Designed, built, and brought to market the most powerful and easy to use sub 20nm, 3-Dimensional, Super Resolution Microscope on the market. 


I Designed hardware, software development, and applications with my colleague Dr. Joerg Bewersdorf, Yale.  I singularly developed Business plan, financials, competition reports etc.,.  Conducted the raise and was responsible for all talks and demonstrations.  This lead to a close of funding in 90 days for 2.29M,    

Link below, article by the University of Utah on my design and work.

University of Utah 2013 Annual Report 

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT USA

Assistant Research Professor, Interdisciplanry Neuroscience and Biology 2009-2010

Developed and commercialized Biplane Super Resolution Microscope, SR200.  Founded Vutara with Colleague Dr. Joerge Bewersdorf (Yale).   Was responsible for financials, business plan, executive summary, market competition reports, raising 2.29M in 90 days and launching product. Left company due to moral disagreements with investment group.


The machine cost less then 100K to build and delivered sub 20nm 3-dimensional resolution.  Wanted to bring to market, with my extensive biological product experience at under 250K per unit, due to grant restrictions on capital purchases,  this would have allowed this instrument to be in most every lab.  Investors priced it well above this mark, and lacked a sense of purpose for my vision for the company I founded. I left the company in disagreement with their revenue driven model towards science and patient care. 


However my time working with Dr. Erik Jorgensen, HHMI University of Utah,  and Dr. Joerg Bewersdorf, Yale, challenged me to deliver new ideas, and and without their contributions I do not believe this project would have been realized.  For Dr. Jorgensen's mentorship I will always be grateful. 


The company was sold to Bruker.

Acquisition Press Release

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT USA

Post Doctorate 2008-2009 

Worked in the laboratory of Dr. Erik Jorgensen to develop a new super-resolution microscope.  Elegant, simple, and ease of use focus. Machine was conceived, designed, patented and brought to market: Sub 20nm 3-dimensional resolution.  Employed new CMoS light collection system through Andor Technologies. In addition worked on creating samples for EM microscopy preserving fluorescent signal through the EM fixation process for overlapping, Electron Microscope and Fluorescence imaging in the study of axon regeneration in c. elegans.

Dr Bennett and Dr. Jorgensen

Active Motif

Lake Placid, NY & Carlsbad, CA USA

Chief Scientific Officer Imaging 2007-2008.  Continued same duties as I had with lake Placid Biologicals, after purchase of company by Active Motif.  2007 - 2008.

Thermo-Fisher Pierce

Rockford, IL USA

Scientific Consultant for Immunological Assay Development 2007-2008 

Antibody Purification, immunology, reagent development, DyLight fluorescent probe purification and optimization, Assay Development, Product Development, Publications and Marketing.  Brought first microscopy kit to market. Some work performed through my position at Lake Placid Biologicals. 

White Paper 


Groton, CT USA

Contractor - Super Resolution Imaging and application in the Investigation of Neuronal Plaque Formation Disease States in the human brain. 2006 -2007.  The results of this study our protected by Non-Disclosure. 

Bluetech - Technology (now owned by GE)

Washington State, USA

Consultant on High-Throughput Chemo-Sensativity Assay Development 2007 

Worked with new high-throughput technology being brought to market.  Determination of quantifiable results using novel immuno-flourescent applications, and software development.  Development of high-throughput assay in rapid assessment of pharmacological response in human immortalized cell lines as well as biopsy.  The resulting assay was published, patented and is now employed by several screening companies.

Chemo-sensitivity Assay

Lake Placid Biologicals

Lake Placid, NY USA

Chief Scientific Officer 2007 

Responsibilities included, but were not limited to,  development of imaging and quantification solutions for pharmaceutical partners, development of protein complexes/conjugates, fluorescent development and supporting reagent development, Protein purification and quantitative data, rPCR and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay,  optical physics and applications, and novel antibody production and applications.  

Company sold to Active Motif October 2007.

In the News

Department of Defense, USAMRIID

Ft. Detrick, Frederick, MD USA

Contractor - Reported to Head of USAMRIID for scientific investigations in optical physics and imaging.  Also lead many talks within the agency.  2005-2007.


Department of Defense USAMRIID

Frederick, MD USA

ERA of HOPE Research Award Winner 2004-2008

Investigation of DNA damage and repair using novel super-resolution application. This work was performed in conjunction with The University of Massachusetts Medical School, Leica Microsystems, and Lake Placid Biologicals.  Support for this work from the Department of Defense CDMRP was greatly appreciated, as it was extended past my education into private industry. 


My Grant 

Leice Microsystems

Exton, PA USA

Dedicated USA Based Research Scientist in Charge of Super Resolution Microscopy Application 2004 -2007

4Pi and STED Super-Resolution Microscopy, biological application, fluorophore and general reagent development.  Studies included Nuclear Pore Complexes (NPC) and transport, afflicted human neurobiology, DNA damage and repair, mitochondrial DNA repair, cytoskeleton development, (acton/tubulin transport).  Began development of STED specific ATTO 655-conjugated antibodies.  Novel methods for localization of nuclear proteins via whole cell, 3-dimensional confocal microscopy using a "shell erosion" technique in quantitative analysis of nuclear protein distribution.   I began working for Leica while still a student, and was afforded by the then CEO, Will Rogers, an opportunity to prove myself as a scientist, and for this I am extremely thankful to Leica USA and the great people of Leica Germany I was blessed to work with over the years. 


Optical Imaging Techniques in Cell Biology, Second Edition

Bennett et al News 4Pi

Bennett STED ATTO Dye credit 

Novus Biologicals

Littleton, CO USA

Contractor - Antibody, and protein purification by novel and proprietary methods.  Protein A purification of both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from raw ascites using proprietary reagents at neutral pH.  Conjugation of purified antibodies FC regions to secondary fluorescent probes. Methods developed by Dr. Brian T. Bennett for the purification of proteins  void of protein degradation.  2003-2006 

Western Blot Following Novel Purification of XRCC3

Methods Later Published 

University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Worcester, MA USA

Doctoral Candidate 2003-2006

Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology.  Concentrations include super-resolution microscopy, imaging, novel quantitative analysis, software development, hardware development, novel high-throughput screening methods, protein purification, DNA damage, study of BRCA2, RAD51, XRCC3 and DNA damage induced phosphorylation of Histone H2A to H2A.X.


Defended February 2006.  


Funded by The Department of Defense, National Institute of  Health, and  Leica Microscosystems.

Dissertation Link

In the News

Alumni News 

University of Massachusetts Medical School, Department of Animal Science

Worcester, MA USA

Animal Research Technician 2002-2003


Responsibilities included, but were not limited to, genetic selection, neurology, respiratory biology, circadian rhythms  and genetic deficiencies, surgical procedures, pharmacology, testing and reporting to principal investigators, and the general health and welfare of animals in my care. Worked full-time while attending my Doctoral program classes.  IACUC protocol development and compliance.

Bovine Dairy Breeding Managment

Winter 1998, Licensed by the ABS, American Bovine Inc, Bovine Reproduction Services and Genetic Technology.  Worked during undergraduate studies at The University of Massachusetts Amherst, breeding and of management large dairy herds.   

Animal Science & Welfare

4 years, small animal practice. Veterinary Technician. 

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