HIPAA Compliant Website & Application Development

One of my many interests over the years of developing businesses in science and medicine was derived out of necessity.  I found that the chief hindrance in getting to market fast, creating visibility and revenue was marketing companies.  They did not speak the language, where slow, and time spent did not warrant the expenditure. 

 In such I stopped and educated myself in website and mobile app development.  Beyond my own companies, I began to study web-based medicine and science, the e-commerce strategies, and of course the often-ignored compliance to representing clinical and scientific services online.  This led me to an education in HIPAA compliance and an understanding of how to effectively sell clinical services online.  Below are a few examples of websites I have constructed for others.  I am happy to say that these sites increased revenue and helped their respective business growth.

I continue to build sites as I actually find it quite relaxing.  Much like science you start with a clean slate and build out a hypothesis and adjust to changes as the data dictates.  

Thank you to those businesses who entrusted me with their online presence, Dr. Brian T. Bennett

Dr Brian T Bennett Medical Webistes
Cleft and Craniofacial Center Utah Dr Brian T Bennett
Med Spa Salt Lake City by Dr. Brian T Bennett
Plastic Surgey Center of Utah by Dr. Brian T Bennett