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Brian Thomas Bennett Thesis: Human Rad51: Regulation of Cellular Localization and Function in Response to DNA Damage: A Dissertation 

Thesis Cover.JPG

Bennett, B.T., Bewersdorf, J., and Knight, K.L. (2009) Immunofluorescence Imaging of DNA Damage Response Proteins: Optimizing Protocols for Super-resolution Microscopy. Journal Methods 48(1) 63-71

Forget, A.L.*, Loftus, M.*, McGrew, D.A., Bennett, B.T. & Knight, K.L. (2007) The Human Rad51 ATP Site Mutant K133A is Functional for DNA Double-strand Repair in Human Cells. Biochemistry 46, 3566-3575.

Bennett, B.T. and Knight, K.L. (2005) Cellular Localization of Human Rad51C and Regulation of Ubiquitin-mediated Proteolysis of Rad51. J. Cell. Biochem. 96, 1095-1109 - Cover of Journal

Juette, M.F., Gould, T.J., Lessard, M.D., Mlodzianoski, M.J., Nagpure, B.S., Bennett, B .T., Samuel T., Hess, S.T., and Bewersdorf, J. (2008) Three-Dimensional sub-100 nm Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy of Thick Samples. Nature Methods 5, 527-529

Bewersdorf, J., Bennett, B.T., & Knight, K.L. (2006) H2AX and gamma-H2AX Chromatin Structures Revealed by 4Pi Microscopy and Their Response to DNA Damage. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., U.S.A. 103, 18137-18142.

Bennett, B.T., Forget, A.L., and Knight, K.L. (2004) Xrcc3 is Recruited to DNA Double Strand Breaks Early and Independent of Rad51. J. Cell. Biochem. 93, 429-436. - Cover of Journal

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